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Here you can find answers to the most popular questions. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us in the form below.

Beginning work
How to start working with BXB?

Fill in the form. The manager dedicated to delivery for your region will contact you soon and provide you with a tailored solution. Tariffs are calculated individually for each client. You can drop off shipments to the warehouse in your country or send them straight to the dispatch point in Moscow.

After signing a contract, you’ll get access to your personal account on the bxb.delivery website.

Don’t forget to enter the information about delivery to Russia with BXB and add BXB as a delivery option for your Russian customers at checkout.

If I have a problem with anything related to delivery with BXB, what should I do?

Contact us via the form, or contact your personal manager directly. We’d be glad to help you.

Which Last Mile options should I enable?

BXB offers three Last Mile options: Pick-up Points, Parcel Lockers or Home delivery.

According to Yandex & GFK research (2019), 87% of Russians prefer self pick-up. Many Parcel Lockers operate 24/7, which is very convenient. BXB has 20 000+ Pick-up Points and Parcel Lockers and 100% Home delivery coverage. We suggest you enable all Last Mile options for your customers to choose whichever option they prefer.

Where are BXB warehouses located?

BXB has 7 warehouses globally: in New Jersey, Miami, London, Berlin, Helsinki, Milan, and Incheon. You can either drop off shipments at the warehouse in your country or send them directly to Moscow.

Data exchange
What are the integration methods?

We offer the following integration metjods for you to choose from:

  • API
  • Magento
  • Shippypro
  • Consignor
  • XLS
What can I do in my personal account?

Track all your shipments, check parcel status and create new shipments. You can also download the documents and labels for each shipment.

How to track an order?

There are three options:

  • enter the tracking number into the tracking field in your personal account
  • find the order in the list of shipments in your personal account
  • on the bxb.delivery website, just enter the tracking number into the special field on the top of any page. You can track up to 40 shipments at once.
Sending parcels
How to pack a parcel properly?

When choosing packaging for a parcel, remember that it will travel for a long time on different types of transport. So, choose durable packaging.

Every shipment is packed and labelled individually according to the rules — read more below in the “How to print a label?” section. A parcel should not contain any prohibited items.

When packing fragile contents, bubble wrap is required.

How to print a label?

Each shipment has to be labelled. Label size is 105 mm x 85 mm.

A label contains the following info:

  • order number
  • order barcode
  • sender’s info (the name of an online store)
  • operator’s info
  • delivery method (Pick-up Point/Home delivery)
  • recipient’s city
  • Pick-up Point address or recipient’s address
  • recipient’s full name

The label needs to be printed clearly, without any distortions.

How long does it take for a parcel to get from a warehouse in my country to a drop-off point in Moscow?

It takes 7-9 days for parcels from the USA and the EU, 8-10 days for parcels from South Korea on average.

If you want to learn more aout tariffs and delivery times, feel free to contact your personal manager — we’d be glad to help you.

Customs clearance
Which documents do I need to provide for customs clearance?

If you’re fully integrated with BXB, the documents will be generated automatically in your personal account — you only need to download them and send them to us. If integration is yet to be set up, you’ll need to send us the link to the goods and the info about the customer.

How long does it take for a shipment to be cleared through customs?

On average, it takes 36 hours for a shipment tbe cleared through customs.

What are the import taxes in Russia?

Starting January 1, 2020, the duty-free import threshold for personal goods shipped with international parcel mail services and delivered by express carriers in Russia was reduced to 200€ and 31 kg (68.3 lb).

This means that when the customer orders goods from abroad worth more than 200€ and/or weighing more than 31 kg (68.3 lb), it will be necessary to pay a fee of 15% of the amount exceeding the threshold, but no less than 2€ per 1 kg (2,2 pounds). The duty is calculated separately for each parcel, regardless of quantity per recipient.

You can calculate the tax yourself:

For instance, if the parcel is worth 300€ and weighs 31 kg, the tax will be calculated from 100€ — the exceeding value. The final tax will be 15€:

300 - 200 = 100. 100 * 0,15 (15%) = 15€

If the parcel exceeds the weight limit, for example, if it weighs 35 kg, the tax will be calculated from the exceeding weight (which is 4 kg) and will total 8€. If both weight and value exceed the limits, the tax is calculated from both, and the biggest of them is to be paid.

Consider putting the information tax information on your website to avoid any misunderstandings.

Which items are prohibited for import?

Some goods cannot be imported into Russia — find the full list of items prohibited for import here.

For example, we can’t ship items containing alcohol via air, while guns and non-durable products cannot be shipped whatsoever.

Some goods can be shipped by prior agreement with a broker. If you have a question regarding the possibility of shipping one item or another, feel free to  ask us in the form, and we’ll say for sure whether we can ship the item.

Customer support
How can a customer get the parcel?

We offer three Last Mile methods for an online store to choose: Pick-up Point, Parcel Locker, Home delivery. When ordering on your website, the customer chooses the most suitable delivery method. If you enable the Pick-up Points and Parcel Lockers delivery option, the customer would be able to choose a point on the map and see its working hours.

Why do you collect personal data?

All cross-border shipments have to be cleared through customs according to customs legislation. In order to do it, the customer has to provide their personal data, including passport info, scans, and TIN number. If they refuse to do so, the parcel cannot be cleared and will be utilised or re-exported on the seller's behalf.

We store and collect your customers’ personal data via secured channels.

How do we notify your customers?

We notify customers via text messages, and by phone if they choose Home delivery.

BXB has a dedicated customer support team. Your customers can contact us via email, online chat, or phone.

International returns
How do international returns work?

The customer needs to register the return online, pay for it (if needed) and send the goods for return back to the online store in a BXB Pick-up Point. Some online stores bear the costs of international returns. Online stores note that enabling the returns option is directly related to an increase in the number of orders.

How to enable an international returns option?

Contact your personal manager to enable the option.

Guaranties and insurance
Guarantee and insurance politics

BXB offers two types of insurance: standard and extra.

Standard insurance is included in the tariff. In case of the parcel’s loss or damage, we’ll pay 30 dollars/euros/rubles (depending on the online store’s currency) for each kg of a parcel, but no more than the declared value.

Extra insurance works like this: the online store pays 0,5% of the parcel’s value. In case the parcel’s lost, BXB will refund the whole value.

Personal Information
Does BXB collect personal data legally?

BXB is working strictly according to Russian law on using personal data.

What is a marketplace?

Marketplace is a sales platform where many retailers can sell their goods.

Entering a new market may be challenging: you need to translate it into the local language, hire a customer support team, open a warehouse in the country, or organise end-to-end logistics. Before investing a lot into launching your online store in a new market, you can try marketplaces to analyse the demand and consider your next few steps in a marketing strategy.

Another advantage of marketplaces is diminishing marketing costs. Firstly, marketplaces offer a variety of tools for promoting your goods or a brand as a whole. Secondly, big marketplaces have their own strong brands as reliable and convenient sales platforms. Big marketplaces also have top positions in search engines.

Export from Russia to the USA, EU
Who is Export for?

Export is a solution for individuals who sell a small number of goods from Russia to the USA,  the European Union, the UK.

Service is suitable for buyers: taxes can be paid when the order is just shipped. For sellers, there is a personal account with all export shipments. A seller can send parcels from any BXB Pick-up Point. Collecting customers' personal data is on us.

Competitive prices and clear tracking are advantages both for a seller and a buyer. If you sell more than 1000 parcels a month, you’ll be able to receive customer support 24/7.

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