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3 facts about Russian customers — BXB by Boxberry


1. Purchased something online at least once in the past year

The proportion of Russians who have bought something online in the past six months is 42% (Moscow residents - 60%). Meanwhile, the proportion is increasing each year. (Yandex & GfK, 2019)


3 facts about Russian customers



2. Buys online, because it's more comfortable

Other reasons for purchasing online for Russians are:

  • it's easier to compare prices and choose the best offer
  • prices are lower than in brick-and-mortar stores
  • you can easily examine customer reviews
  • it's time and energy consuming, as you don't have to go anywhere
  • one can make a purchase anytime and anywhere
  • it's easier to find all the details about an item (Data Insight, 2018)


3 facts about Russian customers


3. Buys from abroad as it's cheaper

According to Data Insight & PayPal research, for 64% of Russians a lower price than in local shops is a great incentive to buy from abroad. Another reason to buy from abroad is unavalability of a good in Russia (for 28% of respondents). Higher quality motivates 9% of Russian customers to buy from abroad (Data Insight и PayPal, 2018).


3 facts about Russian customers