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Russian customer journey when ordering from abroad — BXB by Boxberry


As an established cross-border logistics company, BXB strongly believes in the education of its clients regarding the integral process of shipping B2C parcels to Russia.

But have you ever considered what your Russian-based customer experiences when ordering online from abroad? Customers regularly order from a wide cross-section of online shops. What can we do to anticipate our client’s and our customer’s needs to ensure a superior customer experience? We are well aware of the key role that last mile logistics plays regarding brand experience. So let’s find out what it feels like to order from abroad:


1. You know what you want.

It’s a certain beautiful vintage brooch or a nice CPO gadget, Omega-3 from a well-known manufacturer or designer jeans on sale. It’s highly likely that you will go directly to a well known marketplace, or simply google for a better price. Maybe you already know where to purchase.


2. You find the product.

It’s highly advisable if the product page is translated into Russian, for only 5% Russians speak english fluently and nearly 30% have an intermediate level of the language. It’s not that important for accessories, but quite crucial for supplements.


3. You find out the delivery terms and methods.

For today's consumer, transparent tracking is a must. Make sure that you ship a fully trackable insured parcel. Many customers prefer to collect their orders from a pick-up point or a parcel locker that works 24/7, home delivery is not as popular as in the USA, but let the customer decide what he/she wants.


4. You proceed to the payment.

Today’s customers are mobile, Apple Pay and Google Pay are nice to have. Still, make sure that your checkout accepts credit cards issued in other countries.


5. You receive the tracking number and wait for the parcel.

It’s important to provide the customer with the final transparent tracking number. Average delivery time is 1-2 weeks, it’s nice to know what is happening to the parcel at any given moment.


6. Customs clearance.

Any parcel worth less than E200 or that weighs less than 31kg can proceed tax free. If the goods within the parcel cost more, customs will tax 15% for the sum above the E200 or E2 for each kilo exceeding 31kg. Hint: some companies prefer to pay duties for the clients, make sure your shipping partner provides such an option.


7. You get notifications.

In case of a parcel that has any issues at customs, i.e. lack of personal data or the need to pay taxes, make sure the delivery partner communicates with the customer and informs him/her quickly, clearly and in accordance with the legislation.


8. You receive the parcel.

For many customers it’s easier to go to a pick-up point and collect all their purchases from various shops. Some prefer to get the parcel from a parcel locker. Others would like home delivery. Never forget, the impression and satisfaction from the delivery affects the overall brand experience.


9. You’d like to have an opportunity to return the parcel.

One of the main constraints of cross-border online B2C shopping is — what if it doesn’t fit me. An easy and cheap — or even free — return policy grants ca.25% boost in sales, according to the Journal of Marketing Research.


So as you can see, there are not so many differences between ordering from abroad compared to shopping online in one’s hometown. Undoubtedly, the most important part of the process is to always keep the customer informed of what is happening to his or her parcel, whilst preventing or solving any issues that may arise.

90 million active internet users are currently surfing the web - each of them could be your potential customer, looking for cheaper gadgets, vintage accessories, reliable supplements, designer clothes, branded repair tools etc., etc., etc. Understanding the ease of shipping to Russia can significantly increase your sales.


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