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Cross-border B2C logistics company Boxberry International has branched into a separate brand called BXB by Boxberry.

What has changed for companies across the globe who work with the new BXB brand? And how has the company changed its service for customers?


On November 7, Russian logistics company Boxberry announced the spin-off of its international division, a separate brand named BXB by Boxberry. BXB helps brands enter the Russian market. The company currently works with numerous last-mile partners in the local market and provides extra services, such as onboarding in marketplaces. 

One of the main goals of the company is to make B2C delivery from online stores all over the world into Russia easy and popular. B2C cross-border delivery takes less paperwork and certification for an online store and is already popular in the Russian market. 
After the rebranding, BXB will continue to work with Boxberry in terms of sending and receiving parcels at the branches. But Boxberry is not the only last-mile operator for BXB. The new brand works with other federal companies that own their own parcel lockers and pick-up points. In total, the BXB network exceeds 20,000 pick-up points and parcel lockers, which makes the company, in terms of the size of the Russian network, one of the largest. 

The company’s drivers are in-house IT development for both partner integrations and its own software products for customer service and parcel processing, well-thought-out logistics operations, customs clearance and its customer care department. 
BXB also has a brand-new website, www.bxb.delivery, where you can calculate the cost of an export shipment, track up to 40 parcels simultaneously, and learn more about the company’s products.

BXB delivers parcels from the USA, Europe, Great Britain and Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia and especially South Korea have become key areas of the company’s development. On October 25, 2021, a memorandum of intent was signed with ABC airlines (AirBridgeCargo) regarding developing these areas and reducing delivery times. In 2021, BXB launched C2C and B2C export delivery from Russia to 207 countries all over the world. 

CEO BXB by Boxberry, Marat Artuganov, said in his interview: “The name of our company, BXB, means Business that Multiplies other Businesses. We help foreign retailers grow on the Russian market, enter marketplaces and make B2C delivery smooth and easy.”