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Solution for shipping from Russia to any country in the world. Transparent tracking of the shipment from the sender to the recipient.

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Maximum weight - 30 kg
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7-16 working days

When sending a parcel to Europe, you can pay taxes and duties online. You can calculate the amount of the fee in your personal account.

Calculate shipping cost
Make a shipment in your personal account
Bring the parcel
Track on the website or in your personal account
Transparent tracking of the shipment from the sender to the recipient.
Expert Customer Support.
Drop-off at one of 3 700 Boxberry Pick-up Points.
One account for all cross-border shipments.
Taxes are paid when the parcel is just sent or on delivery.
Competitive pricing.
What we offer
Calculate the price
Calculate the price in our calculator . The price is valid at the time of the calculation. It doesn't include taxes, however — those will be calculated in your personal account once you've input the parcel’s value.
Register the shipment in your personal account on boxberry.ru website
You'll need your passport for this step — no one but you can send the parcel.
Go to personal account
Drop-off the package in the selected pick-up point
You can send the parcel only from the pick-up point or a parcel locker that you have previously selected.
Track the package in your personal account
We'll notify you when the package leaves Russia, when it arrives at its destination country of its destination, and when it's delivered. By the way, all the taxes are paid upon sending. So whoever is receiving the package won't have to waste time on the documents if the cost went over the duty-free limit.
Parcel Journey
  1. Registration in a personal account
  2. Parcel received at the PUP or Parcel Locker
  3. Sorting
  4. Verification and relabeling in the warehouse
  5. Export customs clearance
  6. Parcel sent to the destination country
  7. Import customs clearance
  8. DDU/DDP shipment to recipient

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