Stressless access to the Russian market

The Russian market is huge
But most Russians only speak Russian
90 mln
active Internet users
do not speak English
speak English fluently
To sell more, you need to speak Russian
For entering the Russian market your website needs to be translated into Russian. That means you’ll need to:
Translate all the content on your website
Do SEO in local search engines
Launch a local promotional campaign
Hire a call centre to respond to customers’ questions
But there’s an easier way to enter the Russian market — Box.Market
Box.Market — your guide to the Russian market
90 000 000 active Internet users
are your potential customers. The best way to enter this market is to find out the characteristics of potential customers.
A safe way to Russian customers
Russia has its own search engines (Yandex) and social media (VK, Odnoklassniki). Popular marketplaces like Ozon are different from those in Europe and the US. To be noticed, you need to integrate into the Russian Internet ecosystem.
Learn how to sell on Russian marketplaces
Translating your website, doing SEO and dealing with customers’ requests are time and money consuming. To make sure your investments will pay off, start with local marketplaces that are already popular among Russians.
What we offer
We’ll analyse your SKUs for free and forecast how profitable it would be for you to enter the Russian market. This will take seven working days.
End-to-end logistics
We provide end-to-end logistics. Your customers will be able to choose from 20 000+ Pick-up Points and Parcel Lockers. Home delivery is also an option.
Based on our analysis and logistics costs, we’ll prepare an offer. There are two options available: Turnkey and Subscription.
Fast and smooth API integration for your company. Especially if you already work with eBay or Amazon.
Marketplaces offer plenty of promotional opportunities, such as brand pages, banners, and promo actions. If you get a subscription, we'll assist you with promotion and launch the most suitable promotion strategy for your product.
Start working with BXB
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